Our Purpose

The Rathe Shop is run by a group of gamers who love games - exactly what Flesh and Blood is about.

We are part of the gaming community; we re-invest back into local games stores, and community events to support the games we love, just as you do.

We are The Home of Flesh and Blood for all players.

Our Commitment

We are here to bring you a fantastic online shop experience, while also supporting the local game stores and broader TCG community, and as part of that we commit to:

  • never sell retail product (e.g. booster boxes/boosters)
  • support local stores through attending and sponsoring events
  • participate in the community as players
  • make cards available at reasonable prices in reasonable quantity
  • encourage and facilitate new players entering the game
  • work collaboratively with the game designers and distributors
  • be the global leader for Flesh and Blood singles
  • be The Home of Flesh and Blood for all players, worldwide